About the Program

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The Mustangs in the Sun Diving Team (MITS) is a private,
non-profit spring board diving team.

We offer diving lessons at various locations through out the Dallas, TX area and offer a competitive age-group and senior level diving team.

Our coaches develop programs for each diver based on their skill level, age, and interest.

The goal of the program is to offer instruction in the fundamentals of diving, encouraging each athlete to develop their full potential.  It is the belief of our staff that membership on a team develop many enduring life skills such as:

Self Discipline          Sportsmanship           Goal Setting
Confidence               Responsibility          and Having Fun!!

The Mustangs In The Sun – Team Divisions:

All divers must go through our lessons program or tryout for to be eligible for the competitive team. The overall team is separated into several smaller divisions based on skill level, desire to compete, and commitment to the team. Every diver who wants to dive on a competitive team can find a home with the Mustangs In The Sun.

Lessons Level:
The Lessons level is designed for divers that are just starting out in the sport or continuing to work on the basics of the sport. In this level, divers will focus on beginning fundamentals, side of the pool drills, body positions, and basic diving movements.

Novice Bronze Team Level:
This level is designed for divers that have mastered the beginning skills of diving in the lessons class and are working on the intermediate skills and starting to build their lists of dives for competition.  This level is a competitive level of novice diving. This level is meant for novice divers that are working towards preparing to be on the JO Team. This level of diver is required to compete at various Novice competitions and will be focused on developing the skills and lists of dives to be on the JO Team.

JO Age Group Silver Team Level:
This level is a competitive level of JO diving. This level is designed for competitive divers that wish to work out a minimum of 3 practices per week. These divers are required to attend 4 or more competitions per year.

JO Age Group Gold Team Level:
This competitive level of JO diving is for the divers that wish to make a higher commitment to the team and to reach higher levels in diving. These divers are required to attend 5 practices per week and compete in a minimum of 6 meets per year. This level is designed to prepare divers for National level diving.

Senior/National Team Level:
This level is for the divers that have made the commitment to striving for the National level in diving. These divers will be required to work out 2 practices per day, Monday through Friday, during the summer months and 5 practices per week during the fall and spring months. These divers will be required to attend all Regional, Zones, and National competitions as they qualify for them, as well as, major invitational meets.

Masters Level:
This level is open to any person that wishes to dive at their own pace for recreation or to compete on the Master diving level.
Master Divers will purchase a diving card for $100.00 worth 10 practices. Master divers are allowed to come and practice as they wish and workout with the JO Team.

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