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Registering for your first meet:

Basic Outline of Steps:

  1. Receive Meet information from head coach.
    2.  Booking a hotel for the meet. (Allow a day for warm up time)
    3.  Registering for the meet.
    4.  Traveling to the meet.
    5.  Receiving a time line of events.
    6.  Checking in at the meet.
    7.  Attending the team warm up.
    8.  Attending the competition day warm up.
    9.  Be back to the pool 1 hour before your event warm up.
    10.  First day of competition.
    11.  Receiving awards.
    12.  Team dinners.
    13.  Second day warm up.
    14.  Second day competition.
    15.  Leaving to go home.
  2. Meet Information:We will receive meet information for each meet that we will attend.  Larger meets will be scheduled well in advance and we should have meet information early.  We usually receive the meet information for smaller invitational meets about a month before the meet.  I try hard to have the specific dates of meets as far in advance as possible.  Meet information will not have a time line on it.  We will not receive a specific timeline until the day before the meet.
  3. Booking a hotel for a meet:When we receive the meet information, there will be several suggestions of possible hotels at which to stay.  All divers travel with their parents or someone designated to be responsible for them during the travel time.  Parents are responsible for all travel plans.  Occasionally, the divers like to stay at the same hotel while at a meet.  This is not required and you may stay at any hotel that you like.  Hotels closest to the diving venue usually fill up fast so make your hotel reservation early.
  4. Registering for a dive meet:Registering for dive meets is now done online.  All divers will need to be registered with  You can simply do that by going to and registering.  It is free.  About a week or so before the meet, you will receive an updated competition list from me with all of the dives that your diver will use in the meet.  This list will have a series of numbers and letters on it that you will enter into the diver’s lists online.  Divemeets walks you through the process online step by step.  If there are any problems with the dive list, Divemeets will let you know and then you can let me know and I will work with you to get them corrected.   You will pay online with a credit card for your diver’s events.  Once you have completed the registration, you can go back at any time before registration closes and change dives or information.  Before you leave for the meet, print out your diver’s dive lists and bring it with you to the meet.  I have also included step by step instructions on how to register with Divemeets on the end of these notes.
  5. Traveling to the meet:Parents are responsible for all travel plans and accommodations for their diver.  Divers will stay with their parents or a person designated to be responsible for the diver at all times during a diving competition.  If you need to make travel plans with other parents for carpooling or ridesharing, feel free to do so.
  6.  Receiving a time line of events:We will not know what the exact time line of events will be until we get to the meet.  The timelines are usually given out the day before the meet, during the team warm up.  I will be able to let you know exact times of events at that time.  Before then, all I can do is give you an estimation of when the event might be.  It all depends on how many divers register for the meet.
  7. Checking in at the meet:When you arrive at the meet location, there will be a registration desk set up near the front of the facility.  All divers need to go to that desk and check in.  The divers will be asked to check to see if all of their dives have been entered correctly into the computer and sign off on the list.  If there is a problem with the dive list, the diver should correct it at this time.  Do not wait until later because the registration table may close and there are deadlines for changes to dive lists.  If the diver has questions about their dive lists, they should see me asap and I will go and help them solve the issue.
  8. Attending the team warm up:We will almost always have a team warm up at the location of the meet the day before the competition.  It is very important that the divers all arrive early enough to attend this warm up.  This time will be spent checking in, getting acclimated to the facilities and taking care of any pre-meet issues.  There will not be enough time to do all of this the day of the meet.  It will be too late to change dive lists and get use to the facility at that time.  The divers will only be given 20 to 30 minutes of work out time along with all of the other divers in the competition on the day of the competition.
  9. Attending the competition day warm up:Each morning of the competition, the team will have a warm up.  The time of this warm up is chosen randomly and will change from meet to meet and day to day.  I will let all of the divers know what time they need to be at the pool each morning.
  10. Be back to the pool 1 hour before your event warm up:After the morning warm up, the divers will have a break until their actual event warm up unless the diver happens to be in the first event.  This break will depend on which event your diver will participate in that day.  I would like all of the divers to return to the pool at least one hour before their scheduled event warm up.  This will allow for any time changes.  Dive meets run continuously and if they are running early, they will start early, so it is important to arrive with plenty of time before their actual event.
  11. First day of competition:During the event, the divers will stay down on the pool deck with me at all times. They should have plenty of towels to keep warm.    An mp3 player of some kind to listen to while they wait is always a good idea.  The divers should sit together and wait for their turn to dive.  Parents are required to stay in the stands during all events.  When the diver’s event is over, the diver can then change into their team t-shirt and jacket to get ready of the awards ceremony.
  12. Receiving awards:The awards ceremony will take place approximately 15 to 20 minutes after each event finishes.  At this time, parents can come down to the pool deck to take pictures and cheer for the divers.  The diver should wait in the area of the awards stand with their team apparel on.  When called to get their award, they will proceed to the proper place on the awards stand.  If a diver wins the event, they should congratulate all other competitors before climbing up on the awards stand.
  13. Team dinners:Depending on the event, we will try to have a team dinner on the second night of each competition.  This will simply be a restaurant that the parents agree on that the whole team will attend.  As you can imagine, with a very large group, it is often impossible to get a single table for everyone, so we will break up into groups.  Most times the kids like to sit together at dinner and that is fine.  On occasion, we will skip the team dinner because of other events going on at the meet.
  14. Second day warm up:The second day of competition will be very similar to the first day.  We will have a team warm up in the morning and then each diver will return for their individual events.
  15. Second day competition:The second day of competition will have a different time line than the first.  Please make sure that your diver knows what time they are suppose to be back at the pool for their event.
  16. Leaving to go home:After a divers completely finished with all of their events for the competition, they are free to go home.  I would like all divers to come and talk to me before they leave for good.  I like to talk to each one of them a little bit about their meet and how they did before they go home.

How to Register for a meet using

(Wait to receive a list of dives from me before registering.  Use my list to fill in the blanks on this sheet prior to your registering as they are all the information you will need to register for the meet)

If a diver has already registered in the past with, you don’t have to register again, all you have to do is to log in with their divemeets ID and password and click on the meet you wish to register for. If you forgot the ID and Password, you can click onForgot your password or DiveMeets ID and you will get and email with your ID and Password. If the meet does not appear after you logged in you must  update you information and choose that you are a member of AAU

  1. If you have not registered before with follow the following instructions:
  2. Go to www.divemeets.comand click on “Divers Enter Here”
  3. Click on the “Divers click here to Register or Login” link.
  4. Click on “ Register for a DiveMeets ID “
  5. Enter information, select organization (USA diving, AAU) click continue
  6. Fill out Form for registration (when asked for Team Affiliation choose ____Mustangs In The Sun___, for coach choose ____Andrew Serie____________,
  7. After you submit this form you will get a message “you have successfully registered”
  8. Click on the “Pool Deck”
  9. Click on “the meet you are registering for ” (If the meet does not show in the list, you must update information and include AAU in your profile)
  10. Click on the event your child will be competing.
  11. Click on Submit
  12. Depending on how may events you register, you must fill out as may dive forms as events you are entering.
  13. Once you are done filling out the dive form click on submit.
  14. Click on the “Release Form Paragraph”, Fill out credit card info and click on submit
  15. Verify information, click submit again
  16. The new page will have your dive sheet and a message that “you have successfully register for the competition.  Print out this list of dives and bring it with you to the meet.
  17. You will get an email with your child DiveMeets ID and password. Also, you will receive and email with confirmation of your registration in the meet.

EVENTS: 1. ______________________ 2. ______________________

Dives per event:

1m 3m Platform 1m 3m Platform
Dive 1 Dive 8
Dive 2 Dive 9
Dive 3 Dive 10
Dive 4 Dive 11
Dive 5
Dive 6
Dive 7

A Parent and Diver’s check list for a meet:

  1. ______ Hotel booked.
  2. ______  Transportation arranged.
  3. ______  Registration completed.
  4. ______  Dive sheets printed and packed.
  5. ______  Plenty of towels packed.
  6. ______  All team apparel packed.

____T-shirt, ____ Team Jacket, ____ Team suit

  1. ______  Check in on arrival.
  2. ______  Know your warm up and event times

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